Pure relaxation

6. March 2018

Hey buddies,

Lenz is there, as one used to say when spring broke in across the country. Well, no need to worry at the moment, the Alps are still well covered with Mrs. Holles flakes and at least the physical season - the end is still a long way off. If you are still a bit tired, we recommend the following, especially for snowboarders among you: A weekend in the Lüschegg hut in Tschappina. No, there's not a single chair lift. And no, there are also no spa landscapes and you don't find any high alpine couloirs that provide an adrenaline rush. There is not much, but there is one thing in Chappina and that is carelessness. The "getting up early in the morning" is overrated here and joins in the same breath with "queuing at the ski lift","overpriced" and "JetSet company".

Tschappina is simply different... zero pressure, just have breakfast, grab the board, drop down and the Buddy lifts up the snow-covered hills. Rolling down the slope where Sunnabar enjoy the first Kaffi - Luz and after 2 - 3 more trips back to the hut: Lunch - Time. Lunch with a wonderful panoramic view makes it often difficult to leave afterwards and not to swamp in a very long aperitif with huts - colleagues. Tschappina is relaxation, joy and uniqueness but not sleepy...... and sometimes, but only sometimes in the evening in the small powder area there are still exciting festivals until dawn.

Absolute SnowBuddies guarantee that you will love your stay.

Have fun and maybe we'll see you there soon.

Your SnowBuddies

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