Wild Cards for SnowBuddies

4. February 2018

Freeriding and speed are two factors that go hand in hand. At the "down to one" event, this combination becomes a challenge, and that's why it's called "down to one": Who is the fastest freerider?  

"down to one": In time with the aerial cableway 

SnowBuddies is getting you ready for the "King of Brienzer Rothorn" will be crowned on March 4th in Sörenberg. In this special racing format:"down to one", 70 athletes start in the aerial cableway heading towards the summit. This at least for the first round, because the aerial cableway is constantly increasing its cadence. The time is getting shorter and shorter for the athletes to master the difficult and steep descent. The winner will be whoever can keep up with the rhythm of the aerial cableway the longest. This year there will also be another highlight for the spectators, as they will be able to follow the race closely as passengers in the helicopter!

To show you how fast the SnowBuddies can be, we offer 5 wild cards:

Contact us at info@snowbuddies.ch and we will write you on the list. But hurry up, because as you have read, the places and the wild cards are limited.

More information about the race can be found here!



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