More winter sports for less money

7. February 2018

More winter sports for less money - A freeride community focused on the small ski areas of Switzerland.

Do not go looking for the deep snow alone, but think of your safety and join forces with like-minded people.


In the always same ski resorts the old well-known routes fade out… that was yesterday's snow. The snow sportsman of the modern age is constantly thirsty for new runs and wants to be able to conquer a stately number of notorious mountain slopes. In order to be able to experience as much fun and exciting tours as possible, it is worth gold, if at least one member of the group knows the area well. If you want to freeride on a completely unknown mountain region, it would be useful if you had the opportunity to contact like-minded athletes from the area in a simple and fast way. is Switzerland's first platform for a true freeride community. SnowBuddy can be anyone. Registration costs nothing, except for two very cleverly invested minutes that will make big profits for every buddy in the short and long term. For the community we offer various possibilities for interaction and dating, but also to get to know the real pearls of the Swiss Alps. We are committed to increasing the marketing footprint of the small giants of the Swiss snow sports scene.


These are ski resorts that have an incredible amount of infrastructure and landscape, but are largely unknown to the tourist masses.


To give all Buddies a taste of these regions, we have developed the BuddyCard system. Each registered buddy will receive upon request a personalized BuddyCard free of charge, giving you access to numerous discounts on the offers of mountain railways, restaurants, sports shops and hostels. The BuddyCard system is a win-win situation that makes skiing and snowboarding more financially attractive to everyone involved.


In the following region each SnowBuddy receives discounts on tickets, food & drinks, as well as accommodations:



For an active and thriving community, the more buddies the better! To achieve this is in the interest of us and hopefully also of you, so register and get the free BuddyCard!


Enjoy your favorite sport in a community of like-minded people and benefit from the mutual exchange!


Stay home or ride - SnowBuddies