Never not working

17. October 2017

Besides continuing to build the final website for our platform, we are also otherwise actively working hard for the SnowBuddies Corporation. This requires further discussions and communication with potential partner resorts.


In reality, business propositions usually are not met with immediate acceptance or refusal, as the details and terms need to be negotiated and discussed first of all. We are well on track towards being able to guarantee our minimum limit of at least ten partner ski resorts. And another couple will quite possibly be added to the list.


What’s more, we also manage a number of social media accounts. We’d love it if you could Like and Follow us on Facebook, where we are currently investing most of our creative social media commitment. Recently our summer prize draw on Facebook drew to a satisfactory end and the winner will enjoy an exclusive SnowBuddies package. But don’t worry, it won’t be the last prize draw ;)


On our Event page, you can find more products of our work for SnowBuddies. We are pulling out all the stops to make sure our project is on everyone’s lips. And you are our most important channel by far. Yep that’s right, we need help from you and all the other SnowBuddies. Every Like, every Follow and every chat about the latest freeride trend helps us. We are extremely grateful for all the support, which we are trying to repay by offering satisfactory services through our platform. Keep it up!