The BuddyJourney continues

17. October 2017

The first SnowBuddies promo phase is coming to an end with the launch of the final website. But for us, after the promo means before the promo.


We still have a long way to go before all snow sports fans in Switzerland, without exception, know about our community. So in this sense: the BuddyJourney continues! BuddyJourney? We know it’s been a while since we last published any news and many of you may have already forgotten what SnowBuddies is all about. As our SnowBuddies team showed last winter in exemplary fashion, this winter we’ll be spending as many weekends as possible convincing further partners across the length and breadth of Switzerland of our mission. That’s our primary goal.


But hey, we wouldn’t be SnowBuddies if we weren’t pursuing other goals at the same time. We want all the freeriders out there to be involved in our project. Attentive ears will hear us report about unknown freeriding spots, but we’ll cast new light on known spots, too. We are getting out there to have fun with freeriders of all ages and attitudes, to win them over with our project and to encourage them to celebrate SnowBuddies. What’s more, our greatest aspiration is to encourage ski instructors to use our platform as a home base. We want to continue encouraging students to offer their guiding skills to our community so they can simply finance their own snow time.


Even if you are already familiar with SnowBuddies, you are still more than welcome to come and speak with us and spend time with us, should our paths cross. By meeting we can hear your feedback, and if it’s destructive then we’ll continue to build on it. Your enthusiasm for snow sports is the key to our mutual success!