The Buddies history

17. October 2017
Anyone who has a large circle of friends can count themselves lucky. With a wide network of social contacts, there’s no chance of feeling bored. One could suppose. But no matter how many friends you have, as soon as you organise something that’s out of the ordinary compared to the leisure activities your friends usually enjoy, you often have to use a great deal of persuasion to convince enough people to come along.
Although Peter is happy to go for a beer every day when he finishes work at 5 p.m. on the dot, the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with the first inkling of sporty entrepreneurial spirit.
In contrast, Elisabeth pedals for her life as she climbs up and down the mountains at an altitude of 1,500 metres. She would never shy away from a sporting challenge, but if you were to invite her to the cinema she would bluntly decline and go on and on about how horribly cold and gloomy cinemas are.

Unfortunately you can’t please all your friends when you suggest different leisure activities, and they don’t always invite you along to take part in activities that fully satisfy your own personal needs. Andi* was once more reminded of this misery when one snowy Thursday evening he was all fired up and wanted to spend the upcoming weekend in a ski resort of his choice. Ideally he wanted to head off with all his freeriding gear and two or three of his most skilled friends to enjoy the pleasant 5°C sunny temperature and wind down the most renowned mountain slopes in the Swiss Alps. Already planning to pack all his equipment and accessories in the car, he rang each of his best friends in turn. Forty minutes, a calming tea and around twelve phone calls later, and Andi is sitting with his head in his hands. It was clear. Half of his friends simply were not interested in snow sports and the other sportier half were already completely booked up for the weekend. Couldn’t anybody do anything spontaneously anymore?!
Feeling demoralised, he slumped onto the sofa, put his feet up and swiped through the idyllic photos of different Swiss ski resorts on his smartphone. He thought how unbelievable it was that many of these magical and diverse ski resorts were hardly known outside of their communities. He felt as though something needed to be done urgently to get these resorts on the map for the masses of ski tourists. This is when he came up with the burning idea for Others would simply have shelved their plans and organised a freeride tour for the following weekend. But not Andi. He obstinately decided to make sure that in future no other resident or visitor to Switzerland would find themselves in the same situation.
He joined forces with his long-time friend Silv** and the two of them launched a project at the end of 2016, which kept them extremely busy during the whole of the following calendar year and beyond. The amount of time they both spent working for SnowBuddies has continually increased and they are now both working on it full time. This has been made possible thanks to the many requests from potential customers and business partners. Today (October 2017), Andi and Silv are just moments away from completing the final website for the SnowBuddies platform and thus sounding the bell for the first winter WITH SnowBuddies! For more information on the exact design and concept specification of SnowBuddies, click on this link !
*Andreas Müller, founder of SnowBuddies **Silvan Poltera, founder of SnowBuddies